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Sales Hack: The Outbound Index


Does your company measure penetration into your top 1000 target accounts?

The Bridge Group came out with the Outbound Index in September, 2013.

The Outbound Index is a number that tells how many opportunities are created in a list of 1000 discrete accounts, in one quarter.

The best I’ve heard of is 342! And those are the stats from my own company. We targeted series a and series b funded startups and in one quarter generated 342 opportunities and a pipeline of about $15M!

Let’s review the math of this Sales Hack!

1000 companies x 3 contacts per company x 22 dials attempts per contact. That’s 66,000 attempts required.

You have a few options of how to do this:

Option 1: the old fashioned way. Hire a team of sales reps to make 66.000 dial attempts. 66,000 / 100 attempts per day = 660 man days required! 2 Reps, 100 calls per day for one year. Cost = $200,000 – $250,000.

Option 2: leverage Advanced Sales Acceleration Technology to drive the same dial attempts in just one quarter! 66,000 / 500 attempts per day = 132 man days. 2 reps, 500 calls per day for one quarter. Cost = $8k/month per rep x 3 reps PLUS unlimited ConnectAndSell = $84,000.

Option 3: outsource this effort to ConnectAndSell Virtual Salesforce using the proven methodology that our sales team uses to drive an Outbound Index of 342! At a per meeting cost between $249 – $499!

Whether you choose Option 2 or 3 above, this sales hack will not only save you a ton of money, it will also enable you to penetrate 342 of your best prospects in 3 months vs a whole year.