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“It’s fun to hang out with doers!”

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Last month, our CEO was “enjoying” his time helping out as “interim CFO” and focused on important things like collecting cash from past due clients, and tightening up the receivables.  To which he helped us turn the ship so fast that we literally collected a few million bucks in < 45 days. Through things like a “pay on signature discount” Chris Beall made things happen.

However, Chris’ attendance on sales calls dropped from 104 in June 2014, to < 30 sales calls in January 2015.  And the numbers showed it. Having the CEO on sales calls who is immersed in the value proposition and can truly understand the buyers perspective, and deliver value is an incredible position of strength to work from.

To give credit where credit is due, Hitesh Shah, CTO and VP of Operations, caught the drop in activity, and encouraged an immediate about face in my sales teams activity to bring Chris, the CEO, into more sales calls.  I reacted, and a DAY LATER, the sales team moved from an average 242 dials/day using ConnectAndSell to 507+/day (and the Lead Generation team from 797 dials/day to over 1,197, to where one Lead Gen Rep hit a 1,742 dial day last week!).  Just today, Chris had 14 sales calls on his calendar.  Chris’ close rate is a whopping 68%, unparalleled by anyone that I know so having him on sales calls has a very high ROI.

If you are a company struggling with meetings on your sales team’s calendar, hire OutboundOnDemand.  Trust me.  You will NOT be disappointed.  In 13 weeks, 48 companies have signed up.  And now very large technology companies are asking us “how much capacity can you offer us in 2015?”.  Where else can you purchase dials, at 75% lower cost than you can hire internally, with 2 – 2.5X better conversion rates, and the ability to drive 1,197 dials/day.  ANSWER: No where that I know of!

There is no other company in the world who can say that they have patent #8,649,500, the key enabler that guarantees total market domination by empowering Lead Generation professionals to drive over 1,000 dials/day routinely, and have 50, 60, 70, even 80 or more conversations in a day.  The record was set last week – 1,742 dials, 137 conversations.

Is your calendar full of meetings?  Do you have a team of “doers”!?

Hitesh Shah is a doer.  Chris Beall is a doer.  Shawn McLaren, our Executive Chairman and Founder is a doer.  I’m a doer. Jonti McLaren and Rick Brennan are doers.  James Townsend is a doer.  Jon Campbell is a doer.  Wouldn’t you like to be a doer too!

Want to hire a team of doers to drive meetings for your sales team!  Visit, the only company who can commit to driving 1,000 or more dials/day, and provide full transparency and visibility to the process, commit to call leads in < 5 minutes, call them 25 (or more times) until they answer, handle hot transfers, provide coaching as a service, and much much much more.  Don’t take my word for it, check out OOD!

Hitesh – I agree, it IS FUN to hang out with doers!  Speaking of doers, check out Kevin O’Malley whose Lead Dev team is driving 15 – 20 sales conversations/day!   Way to go Kevin!