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Get out the vote! For Service Provider of the Year 2015!

SPDBanner_ConnectAndSellAre you planning to attend the biggest inside sales gathering of the year in Chicago?  On April 21 – 22, the biggest names in Inside Sales will all be together in one room – to share what’s going on in sales this year – TOTAL DOMINATION BY INSIDE SALES!  

One of the coolest parts of the conference – when the Service Provider (s) of the year are announced.  So please take a minute and nominate the company who you feel demonstrates:

  1. A vision of where inside sales should go
  2. A platform that enables massive scale & productivity improvement
  3. And a leadership team who can change the way inside sales does SALES!

To learn more about the conference, visit: http://www.aa-isp.org/inside-sales-leadership-summit.php