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ConnectAndSell Vision & Leadership Lead to Record Paid Trials!

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Around the time of the Sirius Decisions annual conference in Florida earlier this year, ConnectAndSell was pumping out about 10 – 15 “Paid Trials” per month–and had created a healthy high-growth technology business by then (since being founded in 2007).  And over the next 5 months, history was made under the Leadership of Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell.

What happened to drive this hockey stick growth from 10 trials in May to 67 in October!?

  1. We declared the market to go after – Venture backed Series A and Series B companies who face the challenge of growing revenues faster than they could grow their sales teams.
  2. We partnered with CB Insights & Pitchbook to research all of the venture funding going on to target the appropriate companies.
  3. We partnered with ZoomInfo & SalesLoft to pull in executive contacts within these companies.
  4. We relied on ConnectAndSell to enable rapid (and deep) penetration into these accounts by enabling a team of 9 Sales Reps to login to ConnectAndSell, dial into a phone bridge, click the “GO” button, to talk to these CEOs and VPs every 2-3 minutes.
  5. Every day 9 Sales Representatives talked to 180 or more of these Executives within these 2000 companies.
  6. We brought in our CEO and/or VP of Sales into the initial conversations to align with these executives and articulate that it’s better to hire 1 Rep who can have 5X the number of conversations, then it is to hire 5 Reps to manually dial these executives.

In addition to the tactics above, we also leveraged tools like ActOn Software, DemoChimp, and Video Scribe to connect with these same executives via Social Media and online.  By combining social media, email, with a lot of CONVERSATIONS, we took the market by storm and will continue to be the dominant player in Series A, Series B, and other venture backed companies.

Check out the DemoChimp Demo of ConnectAndSell!