ConnectAndSell, A Performance Enhancing Drug. Yes. Yes It Is!


Is ConnectAndSell A Performance-Enhancing Drug?

Yes. Yes it is.

Last week, after kicking off a Diagnostic Evaluation with ConnectAndSell, a VP of Sales wrote me a one-line email.

“FYI, I just had one of my sales guys ask me, ‘Is that the new steroid dialer?’…Referred to ConnectAndSell as PEDs for sales…”

After really thinking about the similarities, I can see exactly why his sales rep referred to us in such a colorful way.

In the height of the Steroid Era in baseball, athletes injected themselves with HGH so they can see freakishly fast muscle growth, superior power and agility…and occasionally break out in hormone-induced acne. Yikes.

When I’m on ConnectAndSell, I get live sales conversations injected into my ear, so I can grow my pipeline at a freakish velocity…and the only thing breaking out right now is my monthly commission check.

When Roger Maris hit 61 homeruns in a single season, the world thought the record would never be broken. Then along came medical advances, although illegal to take, that allowed players to best Roger’s record by unbelievable margins. McGwire, Sosa, Bonds, A-Rod…since you obviously like doing things the easy way, we’re hiring at ConnectAndSell, and I’m sure I could put in a good word for you.

Sales reps that make 75 – 100 calls a day know that it takes an immense amount of work to accomplish this. Maybe even a blistered finger or two. However, technology advances make 100 dials a task that can be accomplished in 45 minutes. Oh, and did I mention that you’ll talk to 5 or 6 live prospect in that time?

Traditional dialing = Slow-pitch batting practice.

ConnectAndSell = Hitting 70 homeruns in a season and breaking the all-time record.

I’ll leave you with some final thoughts:

  • Steroids are designed to make athletes perform at super-human levels on the field, so they can earn more money.
  • ConnectAndSell accomplishes the exact same thing for Salespeople….minus the acne and roid-rage.
  • Push button. Talk to prospect. Repeat until rich.

Sell well friends.

Kyle Weiger – Senior Account Executive at ConnectAndSell