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Chris Beall Talks Sales in a Podcast with the Fintech World

Scott Hawksworth, sales and marketing director at Soar Payments, begins this podcast interview with Chris Beall, CEO of ConnectAndSell, with this observation: “Sales isn’t easy to do, no matter how good you are at it.”

Chris agrees, but then explains how ConnectAndSell’s sales acceleration platform — and their five-sentences approach to cold calling, which they teach to customers in a workshop called “Flight School” — makes sales so much easier and more successful. This interview is packed with Chris’ well-thought-out philosophy of sales and his take on what sales reps can do to have more conversations and set more appointments, including:

  • How ConnectAndSell relieves sales reps from the tedium of threading through all the roadblocks before they are able to have a live phone conversation with a decision-maker.
  • The importance of having a high-impact conversation before ever leaving a voicemail.
  • What the ambush of a cold call feels like to a prospect.
  • Why the first 7 seconds of a cold call are the most crucial.
  • The necessity of building trust in a cold-call conversation before bringing up the topic of value.
  • What not to talk about in order to avoid certain death in a cold call.
  • The smartest plan to employ when a prospect isn’t able to buy right away.

Chris explains why ConnectAndSell’s logo contains the words “Conversations Matter.” Helping a prospect cross the bridge from fear to trust can only happen when the human voice is employed. In a phone conversation, a sales rep has the immense power to convey meaning, intention, and purpose. It’s true that technology has changed sales; however, only through the trust engendered by a human conversation will prospects be open to subsequently engaging with a rep through the technology of email or video conferencing.

Scott winds up his interview with Chris by asking a series of five questions. You’ll want to hear Chris’ insightful answers about advice taken and given, about his prediction regarding the future of sales, and about payment- or finance-related technology that has impressed him.

Listen to Chris and Scott’s whole conversation here: