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Account Executive KPI: 57 Conversations/Week Minimum

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If your sales team isn’t powered by the latest advanced sales acceleration technology, you are leaving millions of dollars on the table, and overspending by millions of dollars on B and C players.

Let’s peel this back.  Account Executives at ConnectAndSell, using Advanced Sales Acceleration of course, are required to have 57 sales conversations/week (a mere 2 hours of call time per day, giving them 6 hours to do proposals, sales conversations, and other things sales people do).

57 conversations sounds like what a typical rep would do in a week, right?  WRONG!  57 conversations means 1,311 dials (23 dials = 1 sales conversation in 2015 for most b2b sellers).  A “typical” Sales Rep in 2015 makes around 15 – 25 dials/day and might have 1 sales conversation/day.  The other “conversations” are going on in email!  Last I checked, email isn’t the best form of communication.


A company doesn’t just scale by accident.  It takes planning, and then relentless execution.  It’s a manufacturing line after all!  Leads are manufactured, passed to sales, sales calls them, and then a complete conversion process is executed from lead to MQL to SQL to opp to closed/won deal.

So why do sales leaders leave this to chance, and not have dashboard to track:  Dials/Conversations/Meetings/Exec Meetings/Pipeline/ and Closed/Won Deals?  ANSWER: Because until now, tracking (and enabling) more dials and more conversations has been difficult.

If your Reps aren’t producing at a minimum 57 conversations/week, and they are selling in b2b, stop what you’re doing and take a look around.  Companies like TopOpps get it.  Jim Eberlin, their CEO gets it.  Amy Kohl, their VP of Marketing gets it.

Don’t leave your conversions and company scaling efforts to chance.  Come check out ConnectAndSell, TopOpps, ZoomInfo, DiscoverOrg, DemoChimp, and many more share how to accelerate sales to the next level of 10X acceleration!  Sign up here and we’ll see you September 14th from 2pm – 8pm.