What can a Sales Professional learn from the 2010 US Open?

Learn from the 2010 US Open:

There are “Graeme McDowell’s” in the making, can you spot them and hire them on your sales team?

Sometimes even the best athletes need to check their ego at the door and go back to the drawing board. Tiger earned $300k, 5 strokes away from a coveted US Open WIN and $1.3M. Are some of your “A Players” holding back from being an A Plus? What can you do to help them realize, and re-connect with their goals? For Tiger, it was clearly his mental game, he has the physical part down. If someone can help him figure that out, that could be the added 5 strokes.

NEVER burn a bridge. Flying directly over the course just a few minutes into the round was a sign that read “Tiger, are you my Daddy?”. Tiger burned a bridge with a lot of fans. In sales, be professional or it may just bite you down the road.

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