How to Find the Real Reason Your Prospect Doesn’t Want to Buy

Prospects always say “price,” but it usually ISN’T the real reason they don’t buy.

They usually don’t want to buy for some other reason.

Here’s how to find those reasons:

1. Think Back to Your Conversation…

Or hopefully you have a recording of it. Either way, remember those times where you explained something to your prospect, but didn’t get a response.

They sat on the other end of the line, silent and dumbfounded. You didn’t even hear so much as an “ahh” or “okay.”

That means they didn’t buy into what you said. Those are good places to ask questions in a follow-up conversation.

2. Review Your E-mail Messages

Often, your prospects allude to their questions and concerns in their e-mails. It’s easy to lose control of the relationship when you forget what they said.

Go back to your e-mails. See if you had an open conversation with your prospect about all their concerns.

If you didn’t, you have some more topics to discuss in a follow-up conversation.

3. Ask Them Flat Out What’s Going On

Most prospects will tell you…as long as you’ve built a relationship where they trust you to help them make a decision in their best interests.

If you notice hesitation on their part, ask,”I’m sensing some hesitation about us doing business together. What’s going on?”

Be honest with your follow-up questions and acknowledge the prospect’s concerns:

“Oh, so you’re concerned our service won’t help you actually meet your goals?”

If you have a planned process for adding value to make your service the obvious choice, present some options. Offer to bundle another service in at a lower rate.

If you don’t have that ability, simply ask,”What would you need to feel like this deal will help you accomplish your goals?”

And then it’s up to you to decide if you can accommodate your prospect’s request.

4. Not Buying Usually Boils Down to Fear

It could be fear of change (even if your prospect doesn’t have a great vendor already), fear of your service’s ability to impact the prospect’s business, or fear of your failure to live up to your own promises.

The solution to all of these fears is adding value or showing how your service meets your prospect’s problems.

5.  Did You Still Get Rejected? It’s Not the End!

Not all sales are closeable. Things can change with your client or their vendor.

Think of ways you can give your client more value. Stay in touch with them.

You’ll be their first choice when they do have a need in the future. It might be a year or two away, but it could be a valuable long-term relationship.

It’s tough to find the real reason your prospect’s not buying. And you can’t always find the reason.

Follow these tips, and you give yourself a good chance of discovering it. And when you do, you’ll close a lot more sales.