“Guerrilla warfare marketing” aka Sales Acceleration Software


Rick Bennett knows a thing or two
about Guerrilla warfare marketing! After all he created the “No software” logo for Salesforce.com and has bucked the trend of traditional marketing for decades.

And he has also learned that some companies are “cheating” when it comes to driving sales by using tools like ConnectAndSell!

Case in point:

Ring Central-lead gen team was driving 400 dials per week and 2-3 conversations per day. Now their lead gen team drives 2500 minimum dials per week and top reps are running 37 conversations per day!

ClearPeak-leveraging a 4 week trial of ConnectAndSell, learned that 3 of their more Sr Reps could sell more with more conversations, and the less experienced folks–couldn’t.

Marin Software-most companies are satisfied with 2-3 call attempts per lead, and 91% of leads “scrapped”. Not Marin Software! 91 percent of their leads actually talk to a sales rep!

Check out Rick’s article. Good selling!