63% Conversation Coverage on Leads vs. 9%, you decide!


If you are a marketer, or a smart sales leader (dumb sales leaders, close your ears, this won’t apply to you), listen up, this math will change the way you view what’s possible in lead follow-up!  If you missed the blog post last week, READ IT, the Sirius Decisions Summit 2015 breathes life back into sales!


Best practices/metrics choices with achievable numbers and impact


According to the Lead Response Management Study, leads called in < 5 minutes are far more likely to convert to an opportunity! By calling leads in under 5 minutes, you can expect a 100X increase in contact rate, and a 21X increase in qualification.

And yet… a maximum of just 9% of the leads marketing delivered to sales ever get reached!

Until now… 

CAS_Logo_IR_Black_2500pxThe Math of ConnectAndSell InstantResponse:

Assumption: 5000 leads/month… and 8-10 attempts/lead on average = 44,000 dials needed.

Traditional Answer to get 9% conversation coverage on leads:

  • 20 Lead Generation Reps ($100,000+ cost/month)
  • 100 dials/day x 22 business days x 20 Reps = 44,000 dials

Solution 1: ConnectAndSell Lightning w/InstantResponse to get 63%+ conversation coverage

  • 2 Lead Generation Reps ($8,333/month)
  • Using ConnectAndSell Lightning (with Instant Response)
  • 1,000 dials/day x 22 business days x 2 Reps = 44,000 dials (44,000 x $0.60/dial = $26,400/month)
  • Total Cost/Month = $34,733/month

Solution 2: ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand w/InstantResponse

  • OutboundOnDemand Team
  • Using ConnectAndSell Lightning (with Instant Response)
  • 1,000 dials/day x 22 business days x 2 Reps = 44,000 dials (44,000 x $1.25/dial = $55,000/month)
  • Total Cost/Month = $55,000/month

The math works! 63% conversation coverage against incoming leads vs. 9%! And at accost that is 45 – 65% lower!

Case studies of use of Lightning and OOD/InstantResponse to drive results

Press Release: ConnectAndSell, Marketo, and RingCentral


RingCentral, a ConnectAndSell OutboundOnDemand and Lightning customer, was first to deploy Lead Injection through Marketo. On a single day, one of our OutboundOnDemand Lead Generation Representatives achieved 957 dial attempts, 47 conversations, and 33 meetings. According to the Lead Generation Rep, one of the prospects said, “Wow, how did you call me so fast? I just entered my information, and I didn’t even get an email response yet!”

ConnectAndSell Internal Use of InstantResponse:

On day 1 of go-live, 14 hot leads were injected, 9 of the leads were talked to by Inside Sales with Instant Response, 3 hot transfers made to ConnectAndSell Sr. Executives, and 2 meetings put on the calendar. In addition, these two Inside Sales Reps had another 2,047 total dials, resulting in 127 conversations, and 5 meetings.

Blog Post: Voice Nurture Outperforms Email Nurture 53:1 https://highvelocitysales.wordpress.com/2015/03/27/voice-nurture-outperforms-email-nurture-by-53-to-1/

Case Study: The Value of automated voice nurture for sales professionals. (John Jackson, Director of Sales, ConnectAndSell)

  • 29,647 dials
  • 1,289 conversations
  • 162 meetings
  • Opportunities created: 384 ($7.65M)
  • Opportunities won: 106($3.2M)

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