3 Step Process

5 Slick Techniques for Identifying B2B Prospects Ready to Buy

It seems like sales takes more work than ever before.  You call the prospect, navigate the phone tree, and rarely get a hold of them.  After hours of work and weeks and months of repeated contacts, you finally talk to the prospect at a huge corporation.

And then you speak to them for about 30 seconds and they politely brush you aside…

You put in all that work, and still no results!

There’s a Better Way to do Sales

By talking to prospects at key points in time, you have a much better chance of making the sale.  What are some of those key points?  Here are a few excellent times to talk with prospects:

1.  Changes in executive leadership.  Whenever a new person takes a prominent role in the company, they’re expected to deliver positive results quickly.  They may be ready to undertake new initiatives.  If your product or service will help them, it’s a great time to contact them.  They’ll be more open to your sales pitch.

2.  Missing financial projections.  If a company falls far below their expected profitability, they might be ready to try something new.  At the same time, if they significantly exceed their financial forecast, they’ll be loaded with cash.  Since growth is already going so well, they’ll be more apt to entertain the idea of finding additional ways to grow.

3.  Changes in organizational structure.  When power dramatically shifts internally, the overall objectives of the organization can shift in the same fashion.  Make sure you read up on the changes, if possible, and then pitch how your product or service supports the company’s new objectives.

4.  A big deal gets signed.  Companies are riding a real emotional high when they land new business.  Now, they’re going to need to develop the necessary internal structure to serve their new clients.

5.  The company lands a big bank loan or venture capital funding.  Companies are more willing to spend cash that’s not their own.   And besides, the whole reason they pursued additional cash in the first place is to expand their operations.

These key changes can signify great times to get in touch with prospects who are much more likely to be ready to buy.  Think carefully about what could be going on internally at these companies and how your product or service could fit the coming changes.

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